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        A taste of Morocco in our latest kitchen styling with Beldi Bazaar homeware. We strive for beauty but are so very serious about function.

        In our latest kitchen project, we wanted the kids to reach the high kitchen island comfortably, we wanted them to feel safe and we wanted mom to not worry about the spaghetti sauce on her gorgeous fabric.

        Solution: we design and create a wide and safe bench, with a foot rest to help the climb over and rest the dangling feet and we cover it with a gorgeous stain-repellent fabric. ta daaaa 🙂

        This is where good design is key and how we can add value by finding the right solutions for you. 

        Our design brief was to stay in the spirit of the Moroccan style of the beautiful house in which this kitchen is set and to create a fresh, clean and warm environment for this young family to gather and entertain. 

        Moroccan charm meets sleek Italian chic, we said. We dared it, we worked it and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

        View of the “drinking sink” in our latest kitchen remodel. Love how the traditional and artisanal sink meets the new technology of the Quooker tap.

        The little story behind this gorgeous sink bowl sourced directly from a village 35km outside of Marrakech. It is handmade and known as “la ceramique de Fès”. As beautiful as it is, made of clay, it is actually very fragile and the first one we sourced arrived broken! 

        We could not just install it and risk it breaking again in the future so we applied fiberglass to solidify the structure of the bowl from underneath. Similar to what is done for boats! These are the kind of design problems that keep us thinking and collaborating with our teams and these solutions become our little success stories.