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        [ezcol_1half]Bab al Shams Desert Wedding – I am very excited to share with you my very first desert wedding and what a beautiful wedding it was indeed. Melanie and Tim are originally from the UK and decided to have a small intimated wedding, at BAB AL SHAMS in the desert.

        On the day, I had the honour to work side by side with Jessica, from LACE IN THE DESERT, and she styled Melanie and Tim’s, desert wedding so beautifully!

        Jessica: “Melanie and Tim wanted to introduce a touch of their English roots with the vintage plates and crockery from my INVENTORY, which we paired with antique silver candles and signs which I specially created. One of the most fun aspects for me, was creating their table plan; an up cycled palette, some DIY and lots of foliage and flowers went into that little (or not so little as it turns out) project. [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Reesha from PRET A PAPIER was on hand to create the stationery and name places, which pulled all the aspects together perfectly.”

        Melanie’s beautiful bespoke wedding dress, was made by Barbaranne from HOUSE OF MOIRAI, and it was a prefect fit for this romantic setting, and finished off with carefully picked accessories.

        Once again, huge congratulations Melanie and Tim, and wishing you all the best!

        Styling & Tableware Rentals: JESSICA AT LACE IN THE DESERT | Dress: HOUSE OF MOIRAI | Hair & Make up: JILL ELIZABETH MAKE UP | Stationery: PRET A PAPIER | Cake: SUGAROLOGY | Location: BAB AL SHAMS [/ezcol_1half_end]Melanie&Tim020416_0029Melanie&Tim020416_0124Melanie&Tim020416_0004 Melanie&Tim020416_0007 Melanie&Tim020416_0138Melanie&Tim020416_0149 Melanie&Tim020416_0135 Melanie&Tim020416_0147Melanie&Tim020416_0145 Melanie&Tim020416_0094Melanie&Tim020416_0035 Melanie&Tim020416_0101Melanie&Tim020416_0095Melanie&Tim020416_0037 Melanie&Tim020416_0109Melanie&Tim020416_0097 Melanie&Tim020416_0122Melanie&Tim020416_0103Melanie&Tim020416_0165 Melanie&Tim020416_0164 Melanie&Tim020416_0167 Melanie&Tim020416_0169 Melanie&Tim020416_0173 Melanie&Tim020416_0102 Melanie&Tim020416_0179Melanie&Tim020416_0188 Melanie&Tim020416_0180 Melanie&Tim020416_0182 Melanie&Tim020416_0183 Melanie&Tim020416_0185 Melanie&Tim020416_0195 Melanie&Tim020416_0198 Melanie&Tim020416_0208 Melanie&Tim020416_0217 Melanie&Tim020416_0219Melanie&Tim020416_0108Melanie&Tim020416_0222Melanie&Tim020416_0053Melanie&Tim020416_0047Melanie&Tim020416_0055 Melanie&Tim020416_0054Melanie&Tim020416_0107 Melanie&Tim020416_0229Melanie&Tim020416_0237Melanie&Tim020416_0243Melanie&Tim020416_0227Melanie&Tim020416_0226Melanie&Tim020416_0246Melanie&Tim020416_0241Melanie&Tim020416_0248Melanie&Tim020416_0250Melanie&Tim020416_0254Melanie&Tim020416_0236 Melanie&Tim020416_0090Melanie&Tim020416_0087Melanie&Tim020416_0072 Melanie&Tim020416_0059 Melanie&Tim020416_0065Melanie&Tim020416_0064 Melanie&Tim020416_0070 Melanie&Tim020416_0079Melanie&Tim020416_0112Melanie&Tim020416_0301 Melanie&Tim020416_0290 Melanie&Tim020416_0292 Melanie&Tim020416_0297 Melanie&Tim020416_0304 Melanie&Tim020416_0315 Melanie&Tim020416_0317 Melanie&Tim020416_0321 Melanie&Tim020416_0325Melanie&Tim020416_0113 Melanie&Tim020416_0327 Melanie&Tim020416_0333 Melanie&Tim020416_0344 Melanie&Tim020416_0346 Melanie&Tim020416_0348Melanie&Tim020416_0345 Melanie&Tim020416_0359Melanie&Tim020416_0358 Melanie&Tim020416_0363 Melanie&Tim020416_0365 Melanie&Tim020416_0369 Melanie&Tim020416_0372Melanie&Tim020416_0376 Melanie&Tim020416_0374 Melanie&Tim020416_0379 Melanie&Tim020416_0382



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