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        Staying true to its roots, Bull & Bear brings the taste and ambiance of New York City to Dubai. Set in the middle of Dubai’s financial district in Waldorf Astoria hotel, Bull & Bear was the perfect setting for any time of day and any occasion. With a unique and refined palette, it caters to the sophisticated yet discerning guest. Whether people are looking for a place to unwind after a long day of work or are on a business lunch, Bull & Bear caters to all.

        With the original Bull & Bear being at the infamous Wall Street, we thought of giving the restaurant an “evolved banker” look that was more in line with its roots. Since it’s located in the Dubai International Financial District, a redefined concept made all the more sense. Moreover, our designers here at LW Design wanted to bring something unique to the district – something sophisticated yet inviting. So to develop a curated space like that, we settled on a mixture of raw and refined material to strike that perfect balance.

        The first major addition that we made to the restaurant was a metal fretwork Bull & Bear sculpture. The sculpture leads the way into a cozy and intimate bar, which is a soothing environment that leads to a massive space where you will enjoy your delicious meal. The massive space also features an interactive show kitchen that also holds an impressive meat aging cabinet. From the moment they step in till the last bite you take, we ensured that you are thoroughly entertained.