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        Having had multiple clients in the area, Colombian lawyer-turned-interior-designer Monica Durou fell in love with Dubai’s Jumeirah Golf Estates several years ago. And move into her dream house- Casa Mia.

        “After twelve years of living in the UAE, the Durous decided to finally put down their roots and purchase their dream property in February, which over the years, has remained a firm favorite. “The open space and windows with high ceilings were love at first sight,” Monica recalls. “The property had an amazing structural open layout and the balanced distribution of the rooms was exactly what we were looking for.

        Structurally, the house needed very little work. First and foremost, the designer implemented neutral light oak floors and porcelain over the original, laminated dark-wood floors and beige tiles, adding to the property’s open structure. Her next move was to paint the house all- white. “This was the most simple but significant makeover,” she says. “Do not underestimate the skirting! By choosing a monochromatic colour palette, the space is open to absolutely anything. While our base colour is within a neutral colour palette, we emphasised on playing with curves, sharp materials, shapes and genres which find a sense of flow.” Classic square wall niches were added to seamlessly showcase prized possessions, as well as black-painted steel window frames to give a chic, understated and industrial edge.”

        “My youngest coco and partner in crime when designing his tribe. Jungle vibes, with a touch of wood and a blend of blues, olives, and terracotta feel. From the wallpaper to the picks of his work desk. This little one has serious skills! His favorite spot in the house… a recreation of the existing with new additions.”

        “Located at the top of my casita- the Salmon crush working area. This little spot has become one of our faves to get things done! while I am not a very pinkie person at all, I wanted this room to have character and a bit of a non-traditional color palette.” 

        “L A | C O C I N A (Kitchen area) – the most populated area en mi casa and the center of our attention! So things needed to be done quite quickly! This one was a nice makeover from its original version! While the layout was super nice and modern, appliances were from Miele and cabinets from Scavolini. We wanted a very modern neutral feel! So what did we do? A bit of everything and working with the existing!

        We have rounded a few things that change the look and feel. 1- Changed the cabinets from brown to a very neutral black and white. 2- Painted the handles from silver to black and white. 3- Added a beautiful marble touch between the countertop and wardrobes. 4- Removed one of the cabinets for more space. 5- Changed the floors from ugly tiles to a wooden honey touch. 6- Change the lights to our beautiful Normanncph. 7- Change the Faucet to black Matt. 8- Change the color of the stools from wood to black and finally 9- Wooden slats that added that warmth and defining factor we were looking for.” 

        “We have been in love with this oak round table for a long time and we found a special place for it in our new casa. When designed, our friends from The Line Concept did an amazing job at the production and finishing of this masterpiece. And of course, our olive tree love – meet Teo.”

        “The side bench in the hallway was inspired by Daniel Morrison on his Yucca stuff collection. In collaboration with my loveliest from The Line Concept. Between oak and rustic Tarantino finish, this bench makes a perfect entrance to our casita We thought of using terrazzo for the legs, but I am glad that Tarantino was the selected finish.”

        “So how can I describe the design at home? I will say the recipe involves: Modern- Scandi influences with warm touches, a pinch Parisian with Greek history accentuated by some art decor here and there, yet refined bohemian, clean-lined, but also natural & organic.

        Basically, a cocktail of all things, memories, inspirations, and ideas that have collected through our years. Every corner was careful thought and most importantly made with so much love.”