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        What if we create a working space that feels like home? This was our focus when designing our ATELIER. We are delighted to invite you to discover C’est ici ATELIER – when design meets work • life • balance.

        We are a destination where interior style meets craft, inspiration and bespoke pieces. Our diverse team needed a creative hub of its own. We foster an interdisciplinary team and culture with an innate desire for pushing boundaries from concept to realization: the key foundation of our practice.

        The activation of our six senses was our main aim when designing this space. From the concept design to the execution, we focused on that tranquil look and feel.

        It was very important to create a inspiring space and yet a tranquile for the ideas to flow! Arabascato was the chosen stone and statement piece when it came to my working space.

        In good company, we completed the look and feel with our favorite brands from local to international designers. Special thanks to Nordic home works featuring our grounds ‘the warmth and perfect engineered wood’ The Line Concept for completing our co-working spaces with its signature veneer and wood works Tam Stuff for our special coffee table in travertine.

        One of our main focus when designing C’estici atelier was the careful selection of our color palettes with our favorite and most used shades from Jotun paints. Our first pick – a subdued peach nuance. The colour is golden, subdued and pleasant. It is not really pink, it has more of a greyish apricot/peach nuance.

        Fronteriors for our pantry with that touch of sophistication Ikon house for featuring key pieces from it’s exquisite furniture collection Custom no.9  featuring our planters in steel Bowery Company for all accessories and final touches. 

        La Maison pierre frey for supporting our library of infinite samples. Amor perfectome for giving us Colombian coffee every morning. Florette for providing us with florals around us & Jo Malone London for giving us that sense of smell every morning. Finally special thanks to our in-house production team C’estici family for making this happen.”