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        This weekend I had the privilege to hang with the boys from CHAPS & CO at CAFE RIDER CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES for their Pop Up Barbershop series.

        Gone are the days when men could let their stray hairs grow and get away with it. Chaps & Co, owned by Jordan Davies & Chris Browne, offers the whole shebang when it comes to Gentleman’s Grooming from hair to toes!

        In Chaps & Co’s words: “ Chaps is a brand new barbershop keeping old tradition where a man can be a man, sit down, get an ice cold drink and talk shit during a clean haircut and straight shave.”

        (a) CHAP (urban dictionary definition) A Suave gentlemen. Women like him. Can be a bit of a flirt, always looks and acts the part. Keep it handsome chaps.

        The Chaps & Co Barbershop will be opening soon in JLT DUBAI but till then KEEP IT HANDSOME.

        Cafe Rider, the spot for any motorcyclist enthusiast, the dreamers and coffee lovers. If your in the mood for something different, go and try out Cafe Rider’s specialty coffee bar, run by Dmitriy (who just won the 2014 UAE National Barista Championship) while admiring the art of customized motorcycles.

        In Cafe Rider’s words: “The road to individuality starts with inspiration. At CAFE RIDER CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES your best idea is perhaps one cup of coffee away; when your passion for power and performance goes full throttle, we are by your side to take it to the open road.

        Step into our creative environment and find a space where the free spirit of a true rider can find its full expression. Join our community that shares the respect for the only machine that brings true freedom to the soul, in a unique environment. We combine motorbikes, organic coffee and art into one exclusive lifestyle experience. Take charge and live your lifestyle of freedom.

        Huge thanks to CHAPS & CO, Cafe Rider and to all the gents that so freely partook in me photographing their grooming session.NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_002NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_029 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_021NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_022NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_023NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_020NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_011 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_007NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_012 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_014NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_013NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_015 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_016NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_031 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_017NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_018 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_019NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_047 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_024NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_004 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_027 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_026NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_030NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_045NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_032NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_081 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_033 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_055NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_034 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_037NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_049.1 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_043 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_044NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_039NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_052 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_046 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_053NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_049 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_054NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_041 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_059NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_061 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_063 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_066 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_068 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_069 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_073 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_077 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_078 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_079 NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_060