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        “Proud that Dubai Opera has chosen to exclusively feature The Line Concept designs, colors and materials for this iconic space. Thank you Achromatic Interiors for choosing a homegrown UAE brand for this project.

        Every piece of furniture in this collection creates a Continuum, a spectrum of possible shapes and lines depending on the angle at which you view it. Each piece can be several personas, depending on your perspective and where you stand.

        The features of this collection include the hand carved wooden slats, which are applied piece-by-piece alongside each other to create gradation and continuity, elevation and recession. Those pieces are then complemented by lines of steel, in brass or color, and follow the theme of illusionary detail of having a Continuum. Brass trims and exquisite marbles further elevate the details of each piece, creating unique combination in both neutral and bold colors.

        The Koz armchair features a thin steel structure with a comfortable and lush seat cushioning. The fabrication method and carefully crafted upholstery allows the chair to look interesting from every angle.

        The Lollipop side table is a small table made of hand carved solid wood slats that are applied piece by piece. It includes a bottom trim in brass, steel or wood as well as a marble or wood top. The top is larger than the base creating the ‘lollipop’ effect. This piece can be used on its own, or alongside the Infinity or Trunk tables as a cascading table option.

        Our Pebble pouf featured at The Dubai Opera project. It can be ordered with or without backrest. Colors, material and sizes can be customized.”

        Not only can you enjoy the best performance at Dubai Opera, but also enjoy the beautiful furniture pieces from The Line Concept!