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        What happens when you pair “East & West”? I’m gonna say, that’s the way to go! From the palm leaves on the walls to modern dining chairs, it’s about the feeling and fun you have when you are creating a personal style for your home.

        “In order to design your space, first we understand your culture and lifestyle and live through it to create that functionality and mood you’re looking for.

        We take time to discuss your vision, to understand your needs, to complement your ideas with our own to make your vision a reality. Time is of the essence to plan, design and execute a successful project.

        The details are what really bring your space to life, that’s why, we create a mood board of colors, textures, fabrics, metals stones and even fixtures, so you can get a real ‘feel’ of your new space.The end result is to have a personalized space that reflects your specific need either at home, in the office or in any type of commercial project.

        After years of experience and research, we created our own signature collection comprised of cushions, lighting, furniture and linens.

        We design unique and functional furniture and accessories tailor made for your space and lifestyle especially designed by us with immaculate craftsmanship.”