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        Ethan’s Monochrome room by House of Hawkes – I absolutely love monochrome so you can just imagine my face when I saw ETHAN’S MONOCHROME ROOM… Love at first sight!

        Here is the inside scoop on the make over of this beautiful boys room.

        Kathryn from HOUSE OF HAWKES: Despite being executed rather suddenly, plans for this had been in the making for a while. A few months ago, he fell in love with a monochrome mood board I had created for another boy his age and he asked if we could do something similar for his room. I’ve wanted to make changes to his bedroom for ages so it didn’t take much to convince me, and since then it’s been a regular talking point with him. Let me assure you though, gone are the days that I can just ‘do my own thing’ – suddenly I have a six year old with surprisingly strong views and opinions on what he does and doesn’t want in his room. Needless to say, I’ve had to consult my not-so-little ‘client’ on practically every detail during the process. There were a few intense moments, but we all survived it.

        This makeover should really have waited until we move in a few months, but he was just so enthusiastic (and a little impatient) and seeing JONTUN’S NEW FENOMASTIC KIDS COLLECTION was all the push I (we) needed to get things started right away. Since the new colour scheme is a pretty big leap from the existing one, we decided to give it a ‘test run’, of sorts, in preparation for his new space.

        We have one deliriously happy camper in his new room.

        Here’s what we rustled up for the new look:

        • Freshly painted walls in a combination of Platinum (grey) and Skylight (white) from JOTUN’S KIDS COLLECTION. Their fenomastic stain resistant paint is recommended for high traffic areas that are prone to dirt and spills – ideal for kids rooms! The finish is amazing and really easy to clean.
        • Re-upholstered the existing headboard in a charcoal fabric that I found at Sense Furnishings, my go-to upholsterers in Satwa. I had already repurposed the old white curtains into blinds a few months before.
        • LIGHT BOX and cardboard stag head from Typo
        • BLACK & WHITE CUSHION COVER from H&M Home
        • Grey (ISUNDA) and black/white (LAPPLJUNG RUTA) cushions from Ikea
        • White picture ledges (RIBBA) from Ikea
        • Black striped seagrass storage basket (MAFFENS) also from Ikea
        • PANDA PAPER STORAGE BAGE from MarMarLand
        • Very clever rattan side table (SANDHOG) that houses and conceals plugs and cables and the ever versatile white metal storage cabinet (PS), which Ethan incidentally believes is a ‘safe’… probably because each door has a key… and you’d swear I’d given him the key to the city (lol!), both from Ikea.
        • DIAMOND PRINT BLACK & GREY RUG and green WIRE MAGAZINE STAND from The Bowery Company
        • TICKETS TO THE MOON PILLOW CASE – a gorgeous gift from Mini & Beau
        • Mini & Maximus owl print on loan from my dear friend and blogging buddy, LINDA, while we look for just the right thing… although I’m kinda loving that owl and all his attitude.
        • ‘Cool boy plant’, aka sansevieria trifasciata, from DUBAI GARDEN CENTRE.

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