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        Had a such a great time styling & capturing these stunning pieces by this design studio- The Line Concept, just in time for the Down Town Design Exhibition 2018. Minimal and modern handcraft statement funiture, dream come true working with Dana & Newsha.

        The Line Concept is a furniture design studio with our own production facilities based in Dubai. Each piece is handcrafted. We work with solid woods, genuine marble, and antiqued metals – materials that are timeless yet alive. Therefore we focus on clean but creative lines and the finest materials. And creating tasteful furniture that are true pieces of art.

        Every piece of furniture in this collection creates a Continuum, a spectrum of possible shapes and lines depending on the angle at which you view it. So each piece can be several personas, depending on your perspective and where you stand.

        The features of pieces are complemented by lines of steel, in brass or color. And follow the theme of illusionary detail of having a Continuum. Brass trims and exquisite marbles further elevate the details of each piece, as a result creating unique combination in both neutral and bold colors.

        Harpers Bazaar Arabia – “Marble and minimalism make the perfect match at The Line Concept, formerly known as Three Lines Dubai, an online custom-made furniture service by designer duo Newsha Dastaviz and Dana Almatrook.

        The pieces boast a clean and functional design that draws heavily on the pared-down, Scandinavian aesthetic, unsurprising as Newsha is half Swedish and half Iranian. Dana, who is Bahraini-Emirati, has a flair for design and feeds off the energy of her mother, an Emirati businesswoman who has created bespoke furniture pieces and decorative accessories for notable clients and spaces.

        Newsha enjoys working with natural stones and marble, while Dana takes interest in mixing materials, creating playful, contemporary designs – the result is clean, well-thought-out creations that are sophisticated and don’t shout to be heard.”

        Article by The Line Concept.

        Styling by nateleecocks.com


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