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        “Dubai-based interior design studio Styled Habitat has recently completed the design of its office space to mimic that of an airy loft in the heart of the city. Designing a studio as an inviting, personal and contemplative environment was part of designer Rabah Saeid’s, founder of Styled Habitat, vision for the renovation of the 1,400 square foot office in Dubai Design District. The goal was to design the studio to be an experience—a place to be inspired and feel connected to your surroundings.

        “Emotional design is key to my work and dictates my process of selecting materials, finishes and fabrics. The starting point for the studio design was to create a unique experiential space. How we want clients to feel, from the moment of arrival,” Saeid said.

        The Studio opens into a large, inviting open space that is furnished into a plush lounge and meeting area. The lounge area overlooks a series of beautifully plastered arches – a much-needed architectural element separating the public space from the closed individual offices.

        “Good design has to be functional and meets real needs,” Saeid said. Designing a fully automated studio, a Crestron system controls the airy linen curtains, while the Sonos sound system provides a calming experience with smooth jazz tunes amid carefully placed lights by Flos.

        “All these elements are integrated to orchestrate a seamless welcoming environment that works for and around the studio functions,” she said.

        Herringbone oak flooring adds a sophisticated charm to the space. The long widow bench provides storage behind large windows that brings in natural light. The tall custom library wall anchors the room and creates the needed display for project samples and inspirations. The studio also boasts a decadent office pantry with a custom joinery, rich four-season marble countertops and ledge.

        “We were very thrilled to have the opportunity to design our own studio. We followed our design and research process in understanding our growing business needs, which is important for our business, and the needs and comfort of our team and clients,” Saeid added. “The result is a studio space that serves as a calling card for the next chapter of our practice.”