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        I met Jessica Olie through friend of mine, Liz who recently photographed her wedding in Dubai. This lively Brit is the new yoga sensation in Dubai. Teaching yoga is her way of helping people to stretch their limits and limbs! After becoming a qualified yoga teacher in 2014, Jessica wanted to share her knowledge and help people to facilitate their own yoga journey. Even though she was teaching yoga classes weekly, she wanted to assist more people. That is how #letsstartyoga was born. #letsstartyoga is an E-Book to guide beginners in their yoga practice. Jessica approached me to photograph the yoga poses and – flows for her book.

        Photographing at her home, I managed to capture the beauty of simplicity and complexity in one picture. The poses come to live with Jessica’s attention to perfect posture. I decided to shoot in natural daylight to emphasize the fact that Jessica wanted to reach people in their homes. Her book and images are there to assist an individual’s yoga practice in an everyday life setting.

        The idea was not to photograph complex yoga poses with advanced studio lighting in order to emphasize each and every muscle of her body. The idea was to demonstrate, through a series of images, that yoga can be practiced by anyone, at any time, in the comfort of their own home. You are never too young, too old or too inflexible. Jessica makes self-practice possible with her E-book. If you wanted to improve your Yoga results, or to push your limits, you can use #letsstartyoga as the perfect guide.

        I am looking forward to work with Jessica on her next book. This book will focus on advanced yoga poses. Can’t wait to see how Jessica will twist and shape her body into these poses! You can read more about Jessica over HERE, and more about #letsttartyoga over HERE.

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