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        It’s whatever you want it to be

        • A sanctuary from the city
        • A creative hub to inspire collaboration
        • A pocket of culture where Dubai’s creative’s gather,
        • It’s a quiet moment in the garden or a family breakfast
        • It’s the morning light streaming through your bedroom window
        • It’s a place where you constantly discover, yet feels so familiar at the same time
        • It’s the place you can’t wait to return to everyday
        • Home is what you make it. Its there to create the life you’ve always wanted.

        Welcome to your Canvas.

        The Story – A unique real estate concept by Mohammed Zaal, KOA will redefine residential living and working in Dubai.

        KOA creates communities that reflect the global outlook of the region and a new generation of consumers who demand individual expression. The KOA culture is one of originality and attention to detail balanced with quality and flawless execution. Each development will provide an urban ecosystem that represents innovation, substance and craftsmanship.

        KOA aims to revitalize urban developments and lead Dubai’s real estate industry into a new era of cultural and urban enrichment that contributes to the soul of a dynamic new Dubai.

        Vision – KOA is rooted in a deep social responsibility to support Dubai’s growth into a hub of cultural innovation. Our mission is to support cultural and urban growth in the region and lead the UAE into a new era of urban development and create a new definition for living and working in the Middle East.

        Design – Canvas offers a new approach to modern living in Dubai. Much like the city itself Canvas is a showcase in the duality of space. The project seamlessly merges old with new, craftsmanship with striking modernity and innovation in design, the natural environment with urban living, a vibrant sense of culture and energy balanced with a tranquil living environment.