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        Alana & Jan approached me with a different concept for their engagement… They wanted a Lifestyle Engagement, their day-to-day captured. I haven’t done anything like this before so was really excited about this different concept!

        The shoot started out at their beautiful home in Strand. They both enjoy relaxing at home, reading, entertaining and are an extremely creative couple. Jan wanted to show-off his cooking skills and even cooked us a pizza to incorporate it in the shoot. Alana is a Bridal Designer and runs her very successful business from their home.

        Next we headed off for a picnic. The picnic was beautifully laid out with spread of delicious tapas and wine. While I carried on capturing the moments between them, they enjoyed the sunshine and caught up on some reading. The light was just perfect at this spot and everything just suited them to the T.

        Jan had this crazy idea to surprise Alana and dress up in a Bear Suit just for the fun of it. But when the Bear suit got delivered the previous day, it wasn’t exactly what Jan had in mind, but he went through with it anyway and the picnic ended up more like a scene out of Goldie Locks.

        As both of then love long walks on the beach we just couldn’t resist sneaking in a little sunset beach shoot at strand beach.

        Everything turned out prefect, the weather played along, we had great fun filled day and I just loved photographing Alana & Jan’s Lifestyle Engagement.

        Don’t miss Alana & Jan’s Gold Theme Wedding at OLD MAC DADDY LUXURY TRAILER PARK in Elgin!

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