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        Off Shoulder Top by THE BLUSH DIARIES

        The heat has officially become unbearable these days, and so I’m provisioning my wardrobe with a bunch of lightweight off the shoulder tops and dresses. Blush pink is so obviously my favorite color, but I don’t actually wear it as often as you would think mainly because I prefer to have a tan when I wear it. I would usually pair this off the shoulder tiered top with white jeans and a full neutral palette, but I wanted to go with a black and pink combo this time.

        The ruffle on this top gives it an oversized effect which I balanced with skinny jeans and strappy sandals. What I love most about this off the shoulder trend is it looks good on everyone and is quite slimming as well. This style is flirty and cute, so it makes an immediate statement.

        I’ve been making it a point to be more intentional with every piece I invest in, and assessing how often I would actually wear something. Ever since I committed to doing that, I’ve been wearing more of my clothes and getting more creative with styling them over and over again.

        My motto has always been quality over quantity, but I’m putting my money where my mouth is and trying to create a wardrobe I’m confident in and a style that is comfortable and timeless. Have you been going through some style changes, and what’s your mantra these days?

        Off the shoulder top: ASOS | Jeans: TOPSHOP| Heels: EXPRESS | Hat: Nordstrom | Makeup: BEATRIZ GONZALEZ

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