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        One of the most unique places where to live- on the Palm. And what’s greater than creating something special for someone’s new living place!

        “Kate and her Blush team can be involved in every aspect of the process of creating the perfect home. Blush fully understands that each client is an individual and each project is tailored entirely to the client’s taste, style, and functionality.  With both strong technical and creative abilities, Blush is able to integrate our bespoke interiors seamlessly into the architectural scheme.”

        To create a “Palm living” place, one of the great things definitely is the view! A sophisticated indoor-outdoor dining scene, perfect for entertaining for the weekend here in Dubai.

        The bedrooms are an oasis of calm and tranquility. Blush creates the design information for the cabinetry that will go into your new home. That works out the functionality, hides the wires in your desk, how the rooms can be functional yet beautiful.

        When choosing the right furnishing selection Blush’s team of designers and stylists ensure that all selections are not only in keeping with the client’s style, but also work functionally for their lifestyle. Our procurement team will organize the purchase and delivery, undertake quality control checks to ensure each item is in good order and is correct as per the original specification.  All items are then placed and styled by our expert team of stylists. 

        Enjoy the great ” Palm Living” experience of tasteful design & calm color scheme.