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        Free Desert Family Photography – Once again my passion has led me to meeting this amazing family that has just recently made the BIG MOVE from Texas to the lovely sunny Dubai. I had the pleasure to capture the Garner Family’s first desert photography session, with little Sadie (the cutest little thing you’ve seen) running wild free. The family is also waiting on the newest member of the family to arrive!

        Lindsey, wife to Brent, mama to our little girl, Sadie, and fur baby, Greta, and bumpin along with baby No. 2. Has a deep love for photography, queso and Texas. She is excited to share their family’s adventure in Dubai and exploring where they travel to from the Middle East. Follow along on their adventure on Lindsey’s blog HER WORDS TRAVEL.

        Lindsey – ‘It’s official! We’re moving to Dubai.
        It feels good to type those words. After more than six months of Brent flying back and forth between Dubai and Houston, we’re finally on the path to being together as a family in Dubai.

        Sadie, Greta and I have missed Brent terribly since he started working in Dubai. Working full time and single parenting hasn’t been my cup of tea. Hats off to all single parents! I don’t know how you do it and I have so much respect for you. I’ve felt that I’m either a good mama or a good employee and neither the two shall happen at the same time. Not to mention being a good and responsive friend. Where does the time go each day?

        Most of all, it’s been sad to see all that Brent has missed with Sadie: her first steps, saying new words, becoming more independent – just seeing her grow up in the flesh. No amount of iPhone pictures or videos can replace living these moments in person. So to say that we’re excited to be together as a family is an understatement.
        This blog will follow our family as we prepare to pack up our lives in Houston and move to Dubai (hello major to-do lists and paperwork!). I’ll also be writing about our adventures exploring our new home in the Middle East and hopefully some traveling beyond.

        It’s such a bittersweet move. We’ll miss our life in Houston – family, friends, jobs and the city. We hope to visit home as often as we can and that we’ll see some smiling Texas faces in Dubai, too!
        We have no expectations for what our lives will be like in Dubai. Along with fabulous new experiences, I’m sure that we’ll have lots of ups and downs as we navigate a new place and way of life. I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you.
        I hope you’ll follow us along on this adventure!