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        Leigh-Ann and Richard, both are born and bred South Africans, but they now live in Bermuda and practice as chartered accountant. We opted for a Signal Hill Engagement shoot for the lovely couple.

        Signal Hill is one of my favourite spots for engagement shoots, one the one side as you have Table Mountain and the Mother City as the back drop and on the other the ocean, sea point, Cape Town Stadium and the most amazing sunsets…But you do stand the risk of hauling winds, and on this day this is exactly what we got!

        But the bubbly couple didn’t let that stand in their way of having fun! They were great sports even with the wind and made my work a breeze… at the end; it was all worth that sunset!

        Be on the lookout for Leigh-Ann & Richard’s Wedding at Molenvliet Stellenbosch.

        Second Photographers – Jo-Lizna Botha.

        Signal Hill, Cape Town

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