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        SPRING TWEED JACKET by The Blush Diaries

        Rania – I still remember the first time I saw TWEED pieces during spring and the sheer excitement I felt over a mint pencil skirt and the creamy tweed jackets. While we’re still clinging to remnants of a breeze here in Dubai, I thought I’d remind you to put your pretty tweed jackets to good use, without the need to overdress.

        Tweed is such a beautiful and elegant texture (thank you Ms. COCO CHANEL) and I love finding the pieces with a little shine in the threading.

        I debated over how I wanted to style this jacket since I usually tend to reach for dresses and skirts, but I thought it carried its own pretty well and was confident it would turn a simple look into a chic ensemble. Since this blazer is in my favorite shade of cream I was not about to shy away from pulling out all my soft pastel accessories, but I would definitely keep my eyes peeled for all the dark and smoky tweed jackets out in the market right now.

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