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        ‘No matter where we are, or what we do, life will always be perfect as long as I’m with you!’

        Demi Lucas

        Last weekend I had the privilege to capture a family very close to my heart. Recently my little sister and her family made the big move to the desert and it been such a blessing having them so close. It was only fitting to capture their first Dubai family photo shoot in the beautiful desert.

        Demi – ‘Two months ago, we got on an aeroplane to leave to a world we’ve never been too, we had no idea what to expect or how life would be but it didn’t matter, because I was leaving life as we know it behind but taking all my most treasured belongings with me, my family.

        A lot of people asked how we are doing and if it’s been hard, but honestly, it’s been a dream, we get to explore a new world, have new experiences and see things for the first time and we get to do all of that together as a family. I love experiencing things for the first time with my family by my side, sharing all these special moments together and making memories that will last a lifetime.

        We are now living in a city with so much diversity, Luna’s friendship group consists of little toddlers from all over the world and she has been exposed to so many different religions and cultures. We have also been so lucky to have moved closer to our family, watching Luna build a relationship with her godmother, aunty Nats.

        In a way, Dubai has felt more like home than any of our other homes ever did! I have my husband, a beautiful daughter, an adorable little boy and my sister right by my side. My heart & my home is FULL.’

        See our previous photo shoot for their engagement on the Derde Steen Beach at Blouberg in Western Cape Town.

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