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        The Blush Diaries Valentines – Meet Rania a writer of a fashion and lifestyle blog called, THE BLUSH DIARIES. Rania and Hadi celebrated this Valentines Day with a sunset beach photo shoot and of course it was also the a great opportunity for Rania to show off her beautiful soft pastel pink lace dress, just prefect for this romantic occasion.

        RANIA’S LOGIC OF LOVE: “I’m not one to take Valentine’s Day too seriously and my husband and I rarely make a thing of it, but this year I took it as an opportunity to slip into a pretty blush dress and do a photo shoot alongside my dapper hubby. We got so lucky with this beautiful pink sunset and a nice breeze and I fell in love with how natural the pictures turned out. We often take our loved one for granted especially when you’ve been together for so long (it’s been 13 years for us and you can read about our LOVE STORY), but for me that means a great deal of trust because you’re wholeheartedly giving your soul to someone believing they will cherish it forever. The only logic of love is that it has no logic or explanation; it just comes like a streak of wind and sweeps you off your feet. Once your toes find the sand again, you’re hopefully left with a companion who adores your imperfections, wants you to fulfill your dreams and puts a smile on your face.”

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