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The Chedi Muscat Hotel

Eid Break at THE CHEDI MUSCAT HOTEL. My parents are outdoor people; I grew up with a lot of motorcycles, 4×4-ing and holiday’s camping along riverbanks. So hotel vacations were never something I really experienced as a child. Now living in Dubai “the capital of hotels”, it’s only fair to try a couple of them and report back as an amateur.

Barry’s went to OMAN a couple of years ago and couldn’t stop raving about it, so we opted to go to Muscat for the Eid break; it’s only a 45 min flight from Dubai. Looking for hotels online isn’t always the easiest job. As there are so many options and the images make them all look amazing. But when I saw The Chedi Muscat Hotel, it immediate became one of those places I NEEDED to visit. While in Cape Town for my last visit, Barry decided to make all the arrangement to my surprise, and I couldn’t wait!

On our arrival we where in awe, the images on the website are beautiful, but in real life, its spectacular. While checking in, we also got a nice surprise in the form of a couple of extras we didn’t expect, complimentary pick up & drop off from Muscat Airport, afternoon tea, evening cocktails and canapés, complimentary mini bar including alcoholic beverages (replenished once daily), laundry service and all of these at no charge!

The next couple of days consisted of going for breakfast, spending the day lounging, tanning and swimming at one of the 3 pools, or at the beach. And ending the day with dinner at either one of the six restaurants they have to offer.

Its also worth mentioning that The Chedi has the longest swimming pool in the Middle East which is 103 meters long, so if you keen on swimming some laps…

I have to give it to The Chedi, they have it waxed. The staff is super friendly and extremely helpful, after day one they already refer to you by your surname (maybe we just made a impression on the first day, like Mr. & Mrs. Cocks do, of course) and don’t let me get started on the food… Two out of the restaurants on site are fine dining and the meals were out of this world. Best I had in awhile, Especial The Beach Restaurant.

The place is relaxing and amazingly beautiful, what more can I say. I really hope my images do it justice and that you can experience the little “peace” of paradise in Muscat.NCTheChediMuscat_134NCTheChediMuscat_136NCTheChediMuscat_177NCTheChediMuscat_143NCTheChediMuscat_138NCTheChediMuscat_145NCTheChediMuscat_153NCTheChediMuscat_141NCTheChediMuscat_159NCTheChediMuscat_164NCTheChediMuscat_166NCTheChediMuscat_158NCTheChediMuscat_171NCTheChediMuscat_173NCTheChediMuscat_203NCTheChediMuscat_191NCTheChediMuscat_210NCTheChediMuscat_217NCTheChediMuscat_218NCTheChediMuscat_232NCTheChediMuscat_229NCTheChediMuscat_231NCTheChediMuscat_220NCTheChediMuscat_183NCTheChediMuscat_184NCTheChediMuscat_211NCTheChediMuscat_213NCTheChediMuscat_225NCTheChediMuscat_238NCTheChediMuscat_251NCTheChediMuscat_245NCTheChediMuscat_250NCTheChediMuscat_252NCTheChediMuscat_257NCTheChediMuscat_020NCTheChediMuscat_274NCTheChediMuscat_018NCTheChediMuscat_030NCTheChediMuscat_016NCTheChediMuscat_014NCTheChediMuscat_021NCTheChediMuscat_036NCTheChediMuscat_033NCTheChediMuscat_041NCTheChediMuscat_049NCTheChediMuscat_053  NCTheChediMuscat_122NCTheChediMuscat_124NCTheChediMuscat_062NCTheChediMuscat_067NCTheChediMuscat_068NCTheChediMuscat_071NCTheChediMuscat_078NCTheChediMuscat_081NCTheChediMuscat_082NCTheChediMuscat_085 copyNCTheChediMuscat_086NCTheChediMuscat_099NCTheChediMuscat_102NCTheChediMuscat_105NCTheChediMuscat_113NCTheChediMuscat_116NCTheChediMuscat_118NCTheChediMuscat_119NCTheChediMuscat_121NCTheChediMuscat_128NCTheChediMuscat_127NCTheChediMuscat_133NCTheChediMuscat_267NCTheChediMuscat_206NCTheChediMuscat_201NCTheChediMuscat_202NCTheChediMuscat_271

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