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        A modern contemporary bedroom came to life,  yet soft and gentle. Again soft colors were chosen and blended into the design which also included natural wood elements.

        The design process was easy as the starting point to the room was the colour of the headboard which we loved, greyish charcoal coloured linen fabric.

        Again a lot of detail planning went into the furniture designs as the headboard had a cut in the back for easy access to the existing electrical wall power points. The bedside tables had  access for cables from inside, thus all cables were hidden. So much easier to just open the drawer at night and connect your mobile or Ipad to charge!

        The final modern bedroom design came to live and this was the end product.

        While on the other hand. It’s a good idea to add a few dark details to a white bathroom and keep other details neutral. Marble, wood, and granite are great finishes that pair well with black.

        Black is a neutral colour, which means it works with most colour schemes. If, however, you are creating a minimalistic design, you want to keep your colour palette neutral. Grey tones are a great way to achieve this. You can introduce grey by using a granite finish on your floors, or paint cabinets in grey.