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        “Your home will be a true reflection of you”

        SB Interior actively listen to our clients’ feedback, creating an efficient communication channel between them and us, considering their personal preferences and lifestyle to be able to transform an idea that involves colours, mood boards and palettes of materials to make it real.  

        Susana Bataller is a dynamic and versatile interior designer with more than 10 years of experience in the interior design field.  She graduated from DeMontfort University in the UK with a Honours Degree in Interior Design. She then started her journey in the UAE, collaborating in several projects in Dubai.

        In 2018, she decided to embark on a new project and founded her own company, SB Interior, inspired by her passion for creating innovative spaces that combine functionality and aesthetics. She continues to develop various high-end residential projects in exclusive areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi such as Hattan Lakes, Al Barari, The Palm, Saadiyat Island, amongst others; as well as projects in the UK, Italy and Spain.

        SB Interior brings to its clients an exceptional design experience, creating innovative spaces, working closely with award-winning contracting firms, constantly improving, growing and ensuring that every project complies with the highest customer expectations, according to their needs, from the beginning of the process until the end, guaranteeing that the project is delivered to the maximum satisfaction. We respect our customers’ aspiration to build the ideal place for them.

        We stand for reliability, strong client relationships, creativity and functionality. Those are the values that guide us every day.