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        The architecture and materiality is a direct response to context and local environment, with the solid base of textured precast concrete, with deep vertical GRC fins to screen and protect the glazed facades from direct sunlight, reducing heat build-up but allowing uninterrupted views.

        The intention of this new “state of the art” retail and office headquarters is to create a pavilion that is both autonomous and contextual. Strong visual and physical connections are established at ground level with an internal retail ‘street’ linking supermarket, shops, and restaurant to the landscape.

        The architecture and materiality are a direct response to context and local environment, with ribbed textured and deep vertical GRC fins and extensively glazed upper-level offices orientated around a central landscaped courtyard. Vertical wood elements act as natural ventilation panels and allow access to the interior courtyards, which provide dual aspect, and natural light to the high-quality office spaces.