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        I believe you have heard about The Line Concept already before. This bespoke furniture design studio is one of my favorites. Each piece of furniture is designed and handcrafted based on the needs of the client.

        Customized furniture is, therefore, a design solution. The value of a custom piece comes in many forms, from filling an empty space to serving a purpose and pulling together a vision.

        The Line Concept new collection ” The Arc” features creation that you need for your home, in the style that is truly unique to you.

        The CENTAUR SIDEBOARD is a sculptural yet functional sideboard. Like it’s namesake, it seems to merge two different beings together; one end is fully curved in a lying arch shape with hand-carved solid wood slats and a terrazzo top, exuding in richness, while the other end features 90-degree edges, plain walnut wood accented with curved inside to potentially display a feature item of books. Concealed cabinets in the arched section add to the functionality of this piece. 

        The REFRACT MIRROR is a designed play on a traditional long-standing mirror with the introduction of multiple materials that is iconic to The Line Concept style. The piece is completely customizable, choose the marble, brass and the tint of the mirror to suit your space. It can be produced as multiple sets and may also be hung on the wall sideways. 

        The ARC COLLECTION console features a pedestal leg structure made of two shifted semi-arch sections revealing detail in the inside plates featuring special materials such as terrazzo, marble, and brass. The PILLAR CHAIR customizable in any color and material. The chair gives a comfortable cocooned feel yet gives a light and minimal illusion. 

        The KURVA sideboard introduces a powerful yet subtle feature of illusion through the handles and outer facade. The intrigue of the functionality of the door without a center seam is a conversation started and can only be revealed once the door has been opened.


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