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        Recently I had the opportunity to photograph the latest lookbook for BRIGHTEYEZ, a children’s online clothing store. I had a blast photographing these adorable kids, strutting their stuff in the studio and don’t even get me started on the trendy’s outfits!

        Here is a little bit more about Debbie the founder of Brighteyez, Mother to Mr T and their 2016 lookbook:

        “I’ve never really been into kids clothing being too cutesy; I love them to be quirky, playful and cool! So when my little boy came along, it was important to me that he stands out from the crowd, and has his own style early on. Easier said than done, and I ended up scouring the Internet for the perfect pieces for Mr T.

        And that is how Brighteyez happened.

        Brighteyez is for style savvy parents of kids who are not afraid to be unique. Cool, urban playful designs in palettes made to mix and match, and creative fun prints to inspire your littlies. I love things to be well made, comfortable and to last, so that has been taken into consideration when selecting each designer and brand. The love and attention is in the detailing.

        A few weeks ago we started working on our SS16 LOOKBOOK for Brighteyez. With the help of stylist LIVE LOUD GIRL and photographer NATELEE COCKS, we put together our California Cool themed LOOKBOOK.

        Spanning cactuses and geometric designs, these are pieces your minis will be living in all summer. Inspired by the prints and colours of the new collections, our LOOKBOOK mood board featured cactuses, pastel colours, palm tree prints and skateboards, which quickly translated to a California Cool vibe.

        The various sets included the darker edgier collections from AGATHA CLUB, BEAU LOVES and MOI KIDS, while on the lighter side we kept TINY COTTONS as an intact collection with their garden theme.

        Here at Brighteyez we don’t shy away from mixing and matching bright and vibrant prints; and GARDNER AND THE GANG, KUKUKID, INDIKIDUAL and SIX HUGS AND ROCK N ROLL were the perfect partners.”

        Many Thanks to Debbie & Linda for the awesome experience! To download the lookbook – SS16 LOOKBOOK BrightEyez120316_0010 BrightEyez120316_0020 BrightEyez120316_0031 BrightEyez120316_0034BrightEyez120316_0071 BrightEyez120316_0056 BrightEyez120316_0073BrightEyez120316_0063 BrightEyez120316_0106 BrightEyez120316_0151 BrightEyez120316_0169 BrightEyez120316_0156BrightEyez120316_0177 BrightEyez120316_0163 BrightEyez120316_0180 BrightEyez120316_0184BrightEyez120316_0209 BrightEyez120316_0200BrightEyez120316_0214 BrightEyez120316_0202BrightEyez120316_0190 BrightEyez120316_0206BrightEyez120316_0229 BrightEyez120316_0251BrightEyez120316_0235 BrightEyez120316_0238 BrightEyez120316_0241 BrightEyez120316_0242 BrightEyez120316_0255 BrightEyez120316_0263BrightEyez120316_0274 BrightEyez120316_0267 BrightEyez120316_0286 BrightEyez120316_0278BrightEyez120316_0294