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        Welcoming you to Chaps & Co Barbershop! The Chaps officially opened shop in JLT early November and is running at full steam…

        I spend an afternoon in the “urban grooming man-cave” and have to tell you, those guys have it waxed. What an uber cool way to “keeping old tradition where a man can be a man, sit down, get an ice cold drink and talk shit during a clean haircut and straight shave.”

        Gone are the days when men could let their stray hairs grow and get away with it. Chaps & Co Barbershop, co-owned by Jordan Davies & Chris Browne, offers the whole shebang when it comes to gentleman’s grooming and treatments; from haircuts, straight razor shave, beards trims, manicures & pedicures, facials, to even eyebrow threading. And if you have a couple of minutes to spare, enjoy a coffee and have round of PlayStation Footie with the lads.

        One of my favourite options is the storage box. A beautiful, yet very rugged and manly metal box, storing your very own personal scissor, combs, cigar & products; kept safe in your draw with personalized metal plaque… what can I say, you don’t get it more personalized than that!

        The chaps are also offering vouchers, which makes for a great gift, all year round.

        Thanks again to the gents that so freely partook in me photographing their grooming session.

        Chaps & Co Barbershop JLT, GOLD CREST EXEC TOWER, CLUSTER C, 056 892 4079 – KEEP IT HANDSOME!

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