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        A bathroom that is a reflection of our personal style. And, of course, it’s able to deliver the comfort you need at the same time. Inspired by the devotion of the family to the house.

        A special home with a strong history and unbreakable family ties. So naturally, NAQSH strengthened the home’s comfort factor by incorporating soft neutral colors and natural accessories. Don’t forget, NAQSH is a boutique design solutions studio. With a focus on architecture and interior.

        A brief renovation project features a freestanding bathtub. And upgraded fixtures for a family’s master bathroom. Concealed shelves behind the mirrors are a great solution for a client who required additional storage space. The renovation also highlights the accent black marble countertop. “We were focusing on the tiniest of details. Like ensuring that the marble edge is gently rounded and delicately meeting the wall tile. For instance, we completed the renovation of four bathrooms and one powder room within a restrictive timeline of eight days.”

        The surfaces, fixtures, and accessories are completely renovated to maintain a sense of harmony. As a result, NAQSH transformed the bathrooms into spaces of relaxation. And what is more important than your comfort in the bathroom.

        Accessorizing: Emaan Home

        Article by: NAQSH Architecture