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        Baker Family Desert Photos – There is no better place to capture a fun family photo session than the Dubai Desert and that is exactly what the Baker Family decided on for their annual family photos.

        On a beautiful Saturday afternoon we headed out to Al Qudra Cycle Track (one of my favorite locations) and as usual it didn’t disappoint! The family of four had great fun and the boys were quite entertaining, by skipping and doing cartwheels… but I thought I’ll keep those images for their private collection.

        Next time we hope Shelby, the fifth member of the family (their golden retriever) can join in on the fun!

        It was lovely to meet you and thank you for choosing me to capture your beautiful family.BakerFamily120316_0027BakerFamily120316_0004 BakerFamily120316_0030BakerFamily120316_0053 BakerFamily120316_0036ParticiaBaker120316_GOOD2-4 BakerFamily120316_0057BakerFamily120316_0129 BakerFamily120316_0069 BakerFamily120316_0126 BakerFamily120316_0077 BakerFamily120316_0084 BakerFamily120316_0087 BakerFamily120316_0088 BakerFamily120316_0102 BakerFamily120316_0101 BakerFamily120316_0091 BakerFamily120316_0108BakerFamily120316_0117 BakerFamily120316_0113 BakerFamily120316_0121 BakerFamily120316_0124 BakerFamily120316_0080