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        Recently I had the privilege to do a little Q&A with FLYTOGRAPHER as part of their Photographer Q&A SERIES – NATELEE IN DUBAI

        Name: NATELEE
        Location: Dubai
        Equipment: Nikon – Camera D810, 24-70mm, 70-200mm (my favourite) and 50mm

        How long have you lived in your city?
        12 months and loving every minute of it!

        How did you come to be a photographer? Tell us a little about your background.
        Well, I’ve been taking photos since I can remember. Images have always been my way of telling a story, even from a very young age. Looking back, I never even thought of photography as a career. I mean, it’s my lifestyle.

        I had the opportunity to live in London after school and to this day, I am thankful for it. What a magnificent place to live behind the camera. Upon returning to Cape Town, I completed a few photography courses and took a chance at entering a competition for an apprentice position with ZaraZoo Photography, a well-known wedding photography company in South Africa.

        I won and my new life as a lifestyle and wedding photographer began!

        How would you describe your personal photography style?
        I think of myself as a storyteller and documentary photographer, capturing what’s happening right now, in a moment of time. In nature and stills, I always focus on light and lines. I take my time and wait for the perfect shot. When it comes to portrait photography, it’s all about capturing the moments and emotion between people.FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0002 FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0007 FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0008FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0005 FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0018FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0026

        Where do you find your creative inspiration?
        Sometimes, it’s as simple as the everyday things that inspire me to pick up my camera and just go with it. Other days, it’s the beauty of nature that makes my heart skip a beat. It can be love, beautiful lines, architecture, simplicity or an amazing moment between two people.

        What album is on repeat when you’re editing photos?
        “First Mind” by Nick Mulvey and “Coexist” by The XX.

        Where is your favourite place to shoot in your city and why?
        The desert. I am absolutely head-over-heels for the desert. There’s something special about the open space, calm and simplicity of it.

        FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0032 FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0011

        What does a perfect day in your city look like?
        On cloudy days after it has rained or when the dust hangs over Dubai, the sunsets are unbelievable. I have a sunset obsession and it’s the time of day that I live to shoot for. The Middle East has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever experienced.

        Where are your favourite places in your city to get a coffee and a cocktail?
        Any place with a view and GREAT COFFEE! Luckily in Dubai, you’re spoiled for choices. Some of my favourite coffee spots:

        And for sundowners:

        FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0017 FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0022 FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0023

        Where was the last city you travel?

        If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you live and why?
        Bali – it’s one of those places I can just imagine myself living. I have always dreamed about living on an island and experiencing relaxing, calm, down-to-earth living alongside some of the friendliest and kindest people.

        What do you most enjoy about shooting for Flytographer?
        People who book Flytographer are usually on a holiday, anniversary or honeymoon trip, and it’s always a happy occasion. They are relaxed and just want to have fun – that’s the perfect recipe for a beautiful photo session. The bonus is you meet couples, families and people from all over the world and each one has their own story.

        FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0024 FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0033 FlytographerQ&A_Natelee_0034