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        After being married for exactly four years, they finally had there fairly tale wedding – Franceska & Martin’s Germany Wedding.

        Martin and Franceska met in September 2009. A mutual contact introduced the pair as Franceska had her sights set on moving to Dubai after graduation. They kept in contact and Franceska came to Dubai a year later for her first time. She fell in love with the city and more importantly with Martin. They decided to try a long distance relationship as she moved to Dallas for work. They spent 10 months traveling around the world and trying to meet each other wherever and whenever possible. On March 2011, Martin proposed on Lake Geneva on a boat in front of the romantic Château de Chillon in Switzerland. She of course said YES and wedding plans were in full swing, along with planning a move to Dubai.

        On 9 June 2011 the couple wed in Dallas, Texas where Franceska is from and just a few days later, moved to Dubai. 9 June 2015 was their 4 year wedding anniversary and the perfect year to finally have their formal and religious ceremony surrounded by their family and closest friends in Martin’s hometown of Munderkingen, Germany. They opted to treat their guests to a one of a kind experience for their reception in the nearby town of Ehingen, which is the beer culture capital of Germany.

        Even though June falls under the summer months in Europe, there is always that small chance of rain… and that was exactly what was forecasted for the day, COLD and WET weather. But luckily it all worked out, instead we got beautiful soft light (luckily NO RAIN), which was perfect for our early afternoon first look and couple shoot.

        The couple opted for a first look, which in my opinion is extremely romantic and special. Giving them sometime alone, taking it all in before the big day official starts.

        Their exchanging of vows took place in the most breathtakingly beautiful St. Dionysius Church, roughly 1200 years old. Followed by pre-drinks with champagne, strawberries and pretzels in the little courtyard in front of the church.

        Franceska looked absolutely stunning in her custom made ARUSHI COUTURE Bridal Gown and paired if with a beautiful long vale. Of course who can forget those super sexy CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN‘s.

        After the wedding the couple zooted back to Dubai to pack their bags and set off for their Honeymoon… To the Mother City! Cape Town was their choice of destination even though its winter, cold and wet in South Africa, that’s just what the couple needed to relax… log fires and red wine tasting.

        To Franceska & Martin thank you for the wonderful opportunity and experience, to have played part in your special day.

        Franceska & Martin’s DUBAI DESERT ENGAGEMENT 

        A SUPER BIG THANK YOU to VISION ON FIRE Fresh Energetic Wedding Films, who recommended me to the couple!NC_FM90615_Stomped001 NC_FM90615_Stomped002 NC_FM90615_Stomped003 NC_FM90615_Stomped004 NC_FM90615_Stomped005 NC_FM90615_Stomped006 NC_FM90615_Stomped007 NC_FM90615_Stomped008 NC_FM90615_Stomped009 NC_FM90615_Stomped010 NC_FM90615_Stomped011NC_FM90615_Stomped015 NC_FM90615_Stomped013 NC_FM90615_Stomped014 NC_FM90615_Stomped016 NC_FM90615_Stomped017 NC_FM90615_Stomped018 NC_FM90615_Stomped019 NC_FM90615_Stomped020 NC_FM90615_Stomped023 NC_FM90615_Stomped025 NC_FM90615_Stomped026 NC_FM90615_Stomped027 NC_FM90615_Stomped028 NC_FM90615_Stomped029 NC_FM90615_Stomped030 NC_FM90615_Stomped031 NC_FM90615_Stomped033 NC_FM90615_Stomped034 NC_FM90615_Stomped036 NC_FM90615_Stomped037 NC_FM90615_Stomped039 NC_FM90615_Stomped040 NC_FM90615_Stomped041 NC_FM90615_Stomped043 NC_FM90615_Stomped044 NC_FM90615_Stomped045 NC_FM90615_Stomped046 NC_FM90615_Stomped047 NC_FM90615_Stomped049 NC_FM90615_Stomped050 NC_FM90615_Stomped051 NC_FM90615_Stomped053NC_FM90615_Stomped052 NC_FM90615_Stomped054 NC_FM90615_Stomped055 NC_FM90615_Stomped057NC_FM90615_Stomped056 NC_FM90615_Stomped058 NC_FM90615_Stomped060 NC_FM90615_Stomped062 NC_FM90615_Stomped063 NC_FM90615_Stomped064 NC_FM90615_Stomped065 NC_FM90615_Stomped066 NC_FM90615_Stomped067 NC_FM90615_Stomped070NC_FM90615_Stomped069 NC_FM90615_Stomped071 NC_FM90615_Stomped072 NC_FM90615_Stomped075 NC_FM90615_Stomped076 NC_FM90615_Stomped077 NC_FM90615_Stomped079NC_FM90615_Stomped080 NC_FM90615_Stomped081 NC_FM90615_Stomped082 NC_FM90615_Stomped083 NC_FM90615_Stomped084 NC_FM90615_Stomped085 NC_FM90615_Stomped086 NC_FM90615_Stomped087 NC_FM90615_Stomped089NC_FM90615_Stomped088 NC_FM90615_Stomped090NC_FM90615_259 NC_FM90615_Stomped092 NC_FM90615_Stomped093 NC_FM90615_Stomped094 NC_FM90615_Stomped095NC_FM90615_287 NC_FM90615_Stomped098 NC_FM90615_295 copy NC_FM90615_Stomped101 NC_FM90615_Stomped103 NC_FM90615_317NC_FM90615_319 copy NC_FM90615_Stomped106 NC_FM90615_Stomped107 NC_FM90615_Stomped108 NC_FM90615_Stomped109 NC_FM90615_Stomped110 NC_FM90615_Stomped111 NC_FM90615_Stomped112 NC_FM90615_Stomped114 NC_FM90615_Stomped115 NC_FM90615_Stomped116NC_FM90615_Stomped122 NC_FM90615_Stomped117 NC_FM90615_Stomped118 NC_FM90615_Stomped119 NC_FM90615_Stomped120 NC_FM90615_Stomped121 NC_FM90615_Stomped123 NC_FM90615_Stomped124 NC_FM90615_Stomped125NC_FM90615_Stomped127 NC_FM90615_Stomped126NC_FM90615_395 NC_FM90615_Stomped129 NC_FM90615_Stomped130 NC_FM90615_Stomped131 NC_FM90615_Stomped132 NC_FM90615_Stomped133 NC_FM90615_Stomped135 NC_FM90615_Stomped136 NC_FM90615_Stomped137NC_FM90615_427 NC_FM90615_Stomped139 NC_FM90615_Stomped140 NC_FM90615_Stomped141 NC_FM90615_Stomped142 NC_FM90615_Stomped143 NC_FM90615_527 NC_FM90615_Stomped146 NC_FM90615_Stomped148 NC_FM90615_Stomped149 NC_FM90615_Stomped150 NC_FM90615_Stomped151 NC_FM90615_Stomped152 NC_FM90615_Stomped153 NC_FM90615_Stomped154 NC_FM90615_Stomped155 NC_FM90615_Stomped156 NC_FM90615_Stomped157 NC_FM90615_Stomped158 NC_FM90615_Stomped159 NC_FM90615_Stomped160 NC_FM90615_Stomped161 NC_FM90615_Stomped162 NC_FM90615_Stomped163 NC_FM90615_Stomped164 NC_FM90615_Stomped165 NC_FM90615_Stomped166