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        DESIGN K was responsible for the design, space planning, shopfitting drawings, and the lighting plan of this beautiful retail space  “GO GREEN” located in Muscat, Oman.  It is the first package-free supermarket to open in the GCC region.

        The client’s brief for the design was to be modern, bright, contemporary, clean, and organized, using mainly white as color and natural light wood,  lots of green plants as well as an open ceiling design. The store mainly consists of the following sections: display units combined with storage, table displays, a beautiful deli area in the center of the store, a small nook seating area, chiller sections as well as fresh fruit and vegetable table displays, and a separate storeroom.   Almost all the internal walls of the store consist of display units.  Contemporary display tables were designed and placed across the floor area to showcase the merchandise. One specific requirement of the client was to have sufficient storage space in addition to the storage room.  We designed all wall units having closed storage cabinets at the bottom. The display tables also have benches below, which serve as combined seating and storage space.  Beautiful white oak wood veneers were used for all cabinets and display tables.

        During the design process, we had to integrate the inventory list provided to is within the various spaces, i.e. placing and designing for products in allocated sections. This was a hand in hand process with the client until the final merchandise plan was approved. We specifically had to design wall units to incorporate gravity and scoop bins, where the customer dispense them into reusable containers. 

        Some special design features to mention are the beautiful ceiling hanging grills for the hanging plants, the oversized wall unit located opposite the entrance combined with a lovely sliding barn ladder, a wooden ceiling hung frame structure installed above the deli area. We have also designed the bespoke bread display unit and the weigh station cabinets.

        The seamless grey flooring finish selected,  compliments the overall design and provides a very clean and elegant look.

        The technical details related to the deli and fridge section chiller equipment had to be incorporated and integrated with the design and layout.

        During the concept stage process, a rendered 3D visual was created which allowed the client to properly visualize and understand the proposed design. This is something we undertake for all of our projects.  For this project, we even produced detailed 3D drawings for all individual furniture in this project.