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        I really hope all these interiors styling will eventually start rubbing off on me… It amazes me every time how creative some people are! Today Kathryn from House of Hawkes is back and this time with the transition of KAITHLYN’S ROOM.

        Kathryn – “Finally, my five and a half year old has a big bed. Poor kid, has been in the running for a makeover for ages but for various reasons it kept being delayed and neglected. Then the Dubai Shopping Festival swung around and I spotted a gorgeous blush pink bed at an excellent sale price – it was the catalyst for my carpe diem revelation. And so I just ran with the whole idea from there.

        Rather oddly, the style of the bed is pretty far from anything I’d previously had in mind, but when I saw it, I just loved its retro vibe and was immediately drawn to it. Also, it’s pink, which ticks important LIFE-OR-DEATH-TYPE boxes on Miss Muffet’s checklist, but the pink was subtle enough to meet with my approval as well. So we were starting out with a win-win. Despite really loving it, I was still kind of on the fence about the style. It was definitely one of those purchases that could have gone either way, but at the price, I figured it was worth the risk. I’m happy to say that it turned out pretty great.

        The new look isn’t done (IS IT EVER WITH ME?), mostly because we haven’t yet moved, so walls haven’t changed colour and the old tree decal is still there, but also because I have a few things on order that haven’t yet arrived. I’ll hold back on installing anything more until we know what is happening with our house move.

        For now, things are moving in the right direction and I’m really looking forward to getting it all finished. I actually love the current combination of old and new pieces, but watch this space for more changes to follow.

        Here’s a closer look at how things are developing. See below for shopping resources.”

        STYLING & ARTICLE BY HOUSE OF HAWKESHouseOfHawkes030216_0020 HouseOfHawkes030216_0007HouseOfHawkes030216_0026HouseOfHawkes030216_0025 HouseOfHawkes030216_0024 HouseOfHawkes030216_0019 Pink upholstered bed & white bed linen from Home Centre | Circles poster by Elina Dahl | Fine Little Day Pear poster & belly basket from Ivy Cabin | Deer head from H&M Home | Woven light from Tribe Dubai | Minimel postcards and framed pictures alongside bookshelf from Caramel & Sun | Striped rug from The White Company | KOPPANG chest of drawers from Ikea | Small stool from Pomme | Pocahontas poster from Mini Learners