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        “Telling the story and the work behind each project is very special and we are excited to the reveal of this super cool room.

        But wait, this is just one room of many exciting spaces from our Palo Alto project. So we won’t extend too much on our narrative and go directly to the point! Let’s just say, it’s been a dream and our beautiful client has trusted us 100% – the result… the team has gone LOCO with out of the box ideas and we are loving it.

        Firstly, this reveal is dedicated to the little one, aged 6 behind his dream play area. He has followed and waited impatiently for the reveal of his play area and room… pretty much involved in every single stage and present (missing school) for both installations, pretty cute. I think we have an architect/interior designer in the making.

        We wanted to go different and very much close to what our little client wanted! Somewhere between, cool and practical, we were all pretty smiles with the end result!

        Our little guy has been craving for a bunk bed since the very early stages of his life. Since we didn’t design one for his bedroom, we included one for his play area. Have a peek at our initial sketches. (made by our talented Taru).

        The concept behind this design and main inspiration was essentially from the structure and modern existing space. The walls and high ceilings served as inspiration and were key to our design. We were very much inspired by clouds and the floating effect. With this in mind, the floating bunk bed design had to fulfill two functions. On one hand, we wanted to incorporate a modern design but also add on the functional aspect of the piece and space. Meanwhile, we wanted the floating effect, the support behind and below the bunk bed is actual storage cabinets….dream for keeping the room tidy.

        One trip to Creative Minds and Etsy findings completed the room with the cutest little things. In addition to this list, we curated a few key items from our favorite stores including Martin and Ella, Marmarland, Ikea, Desert Cart, and Love Joba. Between soft furnishings and crazy lions, the look started to take shape.

        Soft furnishings are like our kind of coat in a room. We certainly love to give that cozy effect with lots of cushions and soft rugs. Our favorite rug from The Loom Collection was the perfect match for this space. It was customized to the size and it looked perfecto!

        For the wall effects, we decided to go with a monochrome palette. The wallpaper from Paperpop was a perfect match suited with the charcoal triangles which gave that creativity factor for the little one.

        Our friends from Cassina gave us the biggest smile when they confirmed they could ship this beautiful XL CLOUD from Italy…. pretty amazing. Aside from the nicest book shelve and storage, the wall gained another level of attention.

        On the other side of the room, we had a beautiful space that was in need of some storage solutions. Storage was one of the main concerns and pretty much the main warning for the design. More often than not, the design tends to divert the functionality of bespoke pieces. This time with our friends from Fronteriors was our first call. We wanted a simple yet chic structure and Fronteriors was on point. We included their latest slat finish in black and it just added that wow look! The black and white combo was pretty cool for school, I mean and those Besta cabinets from Ikea, can fit an entire elephant! Seriously! We were quite shocked ta the number of toys we were able to fit. Complete winner.

        And the unexpected happened! A pop of color! Pretty scary moment for me aka (Moni) aka scared of any bright colors! This one was 100% Tati’s vibe and her persistence of keeping the space young and happy. Tati was determined to include an unexpected color that perfectly complements this beautiful space. After all, she was completely right!”