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        Our philosophy is to create a minimalistic, earthy and understated atmosphere of luxury, rather than follow easy trends. As a contemporary interior design studio, we deliver distinguished concepts that are modern yet timeless in their appeal.

        Caspaiou team is led by a family of designers spanning two generations dedicated to their craft and committed to providing an impeccable design experience.

        Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, our showroom effectively showcases the Caspaiou luxury atmosphere with a range of quality brands. Featuring luxury European furniture, unique accessories, high-end lighting and art pieces, our showroom provides a glimpse of our design ethos and style.

        We are a family-owned and operated Dubai-based company, founded in 2006, providing inspirational design services and carefully curated pieces for our clients. Our Dutch experts, Hans, Marijke, Alexander, Charlotte and Osca come with a substantial amount of years of combined experience spanning two generations. With a hands-on approach and a keen eye for attention to detail, we ensure the highest level of service with a personal touch.

        Caspaiou is multi branded, this enables us to create a new and unique atmosphere customized in accordance with your specific wishes. Not being bound by any particular brand, we can freely select furniture, lighting, accessories and art. Naturally, the design services include all aspects of the interior, including carpets, curtains and wall decoration. Based in Dubai, Caspaiou has accomplished numerous projects throughout the Middle East, across Europe and in Africa.