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        2XL Furniture and Home Decor is a retailer of luxury home furnishings in the UAE since 2000. We offer a wide range of product selection which includes elite bedroom, living and dining room furniture as well as the home decor items, bath linen, kitchenware and lots more.

        All our furniture and home decor designs are available online at 2xlme.com. You can browse as many home furniture and home decor designs across categories, sort and filter, easily select and buy the ones you like on our website, and stay updated about new designs.

        Since more than a decade we are offering homemaking experience to our customers. We have grown to become UAE’s most sought-after home furniture shopping destination. We offer superior quality modern furniture in contemporary design. For us, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

        The 2XL Home classic and French-inspired product range comprise of the elite bedroom, dining and living room furniture, intricately crafted décor items, plush rugs, exceptional gifting ideas, and stunning wall art. Our décor accessories not only add to your home’s magnificence but also, create royal ambiance. Our divine bed and bath linen, attractive tableware, and a fun-cum-functional kitchenware form an indispensable part of our exclusive product range.

        Our customers relish an imperial and sophisticated lifestyle; the lifestyle of a finer taste; one that symbolizes aristocracy. Our carefully chosen exquisite retail items are suitable for every kind of home setting. Whether you aspire for ornate gold-plated bedroom settings, highly subdued Parisian hues of shabby chic, quirky modern inspirations or more ethnic Eastern-inspired décor ideas, we at 2XL Home offer you everything under the sun.

        Our mission is to bring a royal and sophisticated lifestyle to our customers through our unique home décor that lends them great value for money. 

        Our core values are our customers form our core strength. We ensure to offer them right home solution throughout the sales cycle. We aspire to delight our customers while nurturing a long-term and healthy relationship with them.

        Our customers choose us over others because we are action-oriented. Robustness and scalability are the key features of our business. Our empowered team can make agile well-informed decisions.