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        The excitement of unboxing the magic box! At White + Bear now you can order a series of engaging home kits covering various learning fields, designed and thoughtfully curated by your pawsome friends, White and the Bear, emphasizing hands-on learning, sparking creativity, and creating magical moments!

        White and The Bear has created select your desired theme and get creative with decorating our freshly baked cookies with royal icing and assorted sprinkles. Available themes: Rainbow Unicorns, Outer Space, and Roaring.

        Get some fun while enjoying decorating your own cookie, while also enjoying healthy products which are added to the magical box!

        While thinking about how to get your little ones busy and not asking for a cookie every hour, this Magic Box is a perfect fit! Make your own healthy cookie and color it like you want to! So much fun to do so!

        One of the great things are to get creative and get your hands dirty with tasty cookies!

        WHITE + THE BEAR