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        Custom no. 9 new collection is out! Beautiful clean, lines, soft edges, and curves. “Modern, cool, and laid back, their website is filled with customizable ideas that will give any room a fashionable facelift.”

        A quick introduction for Custom no.9 if you don’t know them by now. “Founded by Dubai-based entrepreneur Amy Grace Mill, homegrown furniture brand Custom No.9 focuses on tailor-made interior pieces with one sole mission: to end mass production and modernize bespoke customization. The brand believes that every space, whatever it may be, should have a personal story and connection with its occupants.”

        ⁠”For the new collection, we decided to put our heads down and keep busy. From Boards For Beirut to lots of time in the studio designing and prototyping new collections. We haven’t stopped, but we’ve loved every minute of it. ⁠⠀

        New adaptations on our current leg frames using new materials and colors, a whole new leg frame, and some completely new designs. ⁠⠀
        Our rule of thumb remains. Everything is available in multiple sizes, pieces, top options, leg designs, textures, and colors. It’s there for you to design. Because bespoke customization is the new mass production. “⠀

        Bohemian designer Valentina Piscopo reimagined a classic desk design exclusively for Custom no.9 in her signature modern, soft aesthetic. 

        Introducing the Kuky desk, with a pink and beige terrazzo top, this one-off custom design is available to combine in multiple leg colors. 

        The new frame for our little Joni. Her soft and curved edges are beautiful to look at, but mighty strong on the inside, with her frame built from mild steel. The purposeful yet soft design will add edge and uplift to many interior styles. 

        The sleek steel frame around this arch-shaped mirror design is the hero. Available in natural off white, textured white, or black powder coating.

        There was a magic about him. And there is a magic about our classic Marley frame. This one is a particular head-turner, with its statement full grit black color.

        The design of our Alia arch shelves was inspired by Moroccan-style segmental arches and curves found in historic architecture.⁠ Our vision for the piece is to give a feel of an existing segmental alcove in the home. The full-frame is made from coated mild steel⁠.

        But, hey, see it yourself! I know for sure, I wouldn’t mind the have Alia Arch shelves in my living room!