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        Newborn Lifestyle – I was lucky enough to be part of Marita & Ryno’s Life Journey for the last three years and was able to capture and share some of their special moments. This first time I photographed them was for their BO-KAAP Engagement.

        Then we headed off to Asia for their KOH SAMUI WEDDING and today I am sharing with you their  Newborn Lifestyle Shoot, to welcome the newest member of the family, Olivia Palm!

        There something very special about photographing newborns you get to witness and be a small part of something so special, a fleeting moment in a persons life that is beyond words, a Mother and a Father who have an overwhelming amount of love, not just for their new baby but for one another too. Olivia was welcomed into the world on the 19th of December 2014.

        I hope you enjoy these images and thank you Marita & Ryno for allowing me to be part of this chapter of your journey together! Also part of  Marita & Ryno journey, KOH SAMUI WEDDING & BANGKOK THAILAND

        Newborn Photography Palm Family