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        Kuky Design sets out to offer online interior design services within easy reach of those who want to transform their home into something truly special.

        Kuky design offers packages, you can choose “Accessories Only” which includes a ready made accessories mood board for your room with trending home décor pieces in the style of your choice.

        Or Furniture & Accessories a custom room makeover with the latest designs of furniture and accessories to re-style your space from head to toe.

        After years of working in the art and design industry, speaking, meeting, and working with homeowners and interior designers, one pattern became clear; most people wanted to transform their homes, but many struggled with the accessibility and time frame of hiring interior designers.

        Working couples who struggled to find the time to furnish their home. Friends with Pinterest boards but not a clue where to start.  Expats who had recently moved and did not know where to shop. And a handful who simply claimed not to have the slightest idea about design.

        In 2019, KUKY was born from a desire to create an online platform that delivers fast, efficient, and affordable online interior design help.

        ” I started KUKY to offer customers, who would not consider hiring an interior designer for their home but have thought more than once about upgrading their space, an alternative option. Maybe the traditional interior design is not within their budget or maybe they fancy doing the purchasing themselves and seeing all the products before buying. Whatever the reason may be this platform can help guide them as much or as little as they need – In my opinion things need to be easy. I wanted to create a personalized design, only a click away. “