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        Palm Villa by SNEHA DIVIAS ATELIER | Sneha is no stranger on my journal and is becoming one of the biggest names in the Middle East’s architecture and design scene. She has recently won Best Apartment Design Middle East in the INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY AWARDS with her DIFC APARTMENT and she is also currently in the finals of the prestigious AD 50 list of Architectural Digest as “Future Stars – ones to watch” a part of the Middle East’s architecture and design. So without further due, here is her latest masterpiece.

        Sneha – Thought for a young couple with children, the architectural layout was designed to alleviate the impression of narrowness of the frontage inasmuch as possible and make the best use of the site’s conditions within the maximum volume allowed by setback restrictions. To minimize pressure from the corridor on the frontage path we devised a basic plan that placed the entrance and stairs at the centre. There is a wide space for conviviality and play in the living area and at the same time intimate spaces in the sleeping area are open planned. The use of carrara marble, and herringbone tiles highlighted by white, gives a natural, three-dimensional look to the atmosphere, which is balanced in all its aspects.

        The atmosphere of the environment come out from the contrast between the soft elements and the sharp lines, which empower the contemporary mood of the villa and accent the privileged views and external areas. The ceiling details also reflect the concept of openness and amplifies the areas. A lot of the furnishings of the apartment are designed by us and throughout the villa the technical lighting and ambient lights are dosed carefully, giving a sense of elegance to the whole.

        The lovely Palm Villa by Sneha Divias Atelier has also recently featured in the INSPIRED LIVING MAGAZINE.