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        Paradise of neutrals, let’s call this project!  All of the details and elements are so cohesive. The rooms are just so peaceful. Did you know that an olive tree symbolizes peace? That’s exactly what brings this calmness and peace to this room!

        This was one of the most anticipated projects of 2020. We met with my client in July and started working on his dream home before he moved in.
        The brief was to create an American inspied home in light color scheme. And starting from that point onwards I heard from the client the phrase that every designer is dreaming to hear: “I’ll let you choose”!

        So yes, I had a pleasure to develop the design concept the way I see it and client trusted me completely. However I need to give credit to my client for his great taste when it came to choosing the wall art pieces. The best reward was when he came back from his vacation to a surprise reveal of a completed project and texted me at 6 am on a weekend morning saying: “It’s amazing, really love it”! 

        One of the requests from my client was a wood log as a TV bench. We had to customize it and it became a big statement piece in a neutral color pallet interior. It brought such an organic feel to the room and added so much warmth to this space.

        This beautiful built-in dining unit is definitely a piece of art. It allows not only to display a huge collection of drinks but also provides a decent storage space in the base cabinets.

        We’ve started with installation of the new flooring, got rid of the ugly yellow-ish paint, added a metal barn door to enclose the kitchen and customized not only the dining built-in unit but also this absolutely stunning dining table. And of course completed the look with furniture and accessories.