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        Cindy and Sango both grew up in the Eastern Cape, but its in Cape Town where they met and their romance started to blossom. On weekend break away to Paternoster, Sango planed to asked Cindy’s hand in marriage and of course she said YES… For that reason we returned to the same spot for their Paternoster Engagement.

        PATERNOSTER is a beautiful fishing village on the West Coast of the Western Cape. The village is known for its amazing seafood and white little cottages.

        For their engagement we decided to make a day outing of it and enjoyed a delicious lunch at GAAITJIE SALT WATER RESTAURANT, while patiently waiting for the sun to set and was it worth waiting for! We headed over to a private beach, and could see why Sango choose this spot; it was secluded, quite and with the most beautiful view of the bay.

        I’ll be heading to OCEANA GAME RESERVE near Port Alfred, EC in December to cover their wedding.  So keep an eye on my journal for this awesome wedding!ZaraZooCS_E_091114_002ZaraZooCS_E_091114_005 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_012 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_014 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_016 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_019 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_022 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_026 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_029 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_035 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_038 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_041 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_056 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_061 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_069 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_073 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_077 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_085 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_086 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_088 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_090 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_094 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_102 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_105 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_107 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_108 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_123 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_128 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_129 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_131 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_137 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_138 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_140 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_144 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_147 ZaraZooCS_E_091114_149