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        Meaning of precision is the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate. Saudi interior design engineer, Urjowan Alsharif, is inspired by everything around her or her eyes, her first passion is design. And she is very precise about what she does.

        Urjowan, who graduated with “First Class Honors” at (Dar Al Hikma University) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, moved to San Francisco in America to study «Masters» later. “My presence in America was a transitional point in my life, especially professionally. I studied by designers and collaborated with creators who have a great influence on my artistic touch today. After graduation, I moved to Dubai.

        “I have been working in the field of interior design for eight years,” Alsharif says. “I chose to study design at university because I was a fan of painting and art. But after the first year of my study of design, it became clear to me that this field is much deeper than the colors of paint. Not only the choice of fabrics for curtains, but it is the science of studying space engineering. Also the engineering of human and social factors.

        A successful design must perform a function before it is aesthetic. And this is the secret of most successful projects globally. Because of the precise meaning of the design is to find practical solutions to the present problem. We spend 80% of our daily life in buildings, it is rather convenient, practical and beautiful, and that I have a hand in making this possible. It is the reason I love my field. ”

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