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        Chapter 101 is offering statement interior design. And home décor with a focus on minimalism, simplicity and raw art.

        Chapter 101 is about the vivid, intriguing, original design. Authentic creations that tell a story and bring life to your space. So while you won’t find any autographs on our pieces, everyone is signature. We play with materials – natural and manmade. We reclaim the old, to recreate the new. 

        Observing the world from a different perspective has always been at the core of our designs. Continually discovering beauty. That is the Middle East has brought forth interesting and carefully curated designs. With memorable tales to tell. By finding inspiration from various structures and compositions, as well as nature and its surroundings. We’ve been able to create a collection that welcomes you into our world.

        At different times, influences from neighboring cultures have been pertinent in drawing inspiration from. Taking most of our architectural inspiration form the Golestan Palace in Iran. It inspired the style and texture of the various pieces in the collection. Taking into account the natural materials the monument was made off. Our series is constructed from carefully selected marble. And stone curated to have a natural and organic finish. Each piece in our latest collection has been carefully crafted by hand. Using time-honored methods and tools, creating into beautiful works of art. Each with its own unique personality and soul.

        Our collection aims to push the boundaries of design while keeping it authentic and unique. As we discovered new stories and shapes, every piece developed into its own life. Celebrating its heritage and natural materials that it was crafted from.

        Inspired by the past and reconceived with a modern twist. The Golestan Series shapes are a new perspective. Mixing natural textures and functional clean compositions. Methodically exploring the anatomy of each design. As a result, it creates a feeling of harmonious celebrations.

        Bringing natural textures into your home will not only add stories to your life. It will draw you into a never-ending dream inspired by your own unique personality and style. Our latest collection combines the Middle Eastern and nomadic world. And allows us to connect with both nature and our surroundings.