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        Kara & Dirk, Second Anniversary Clifton – Two years ago I had the privilege to photograph this beautiful couple’s ENGAGEMENT and WEDDING DAY.

        As I was in South Africa around the same time as their second anniversary, Kara tough this would be the prefect opportunity to capture their two years together, as they where celebrating with a romantic holiday in CAPE TOWN.

        Kara & Dirk opted for CLIFTON BEACH and we couldn’t have asked for better weather or a more beautiful sunset.

        It was lovely seeing a couple still so much in love and as happy as the first day I met them… And to be able to capture them growing as a couple!

        Happy second anniversary guys, wishing you many many more wonderful years together filled with love and happiness!Kara&Dirk20604160020 Kara&Dirk20604160015 Kara&Dirk20604160014Kara&Dirk20604160028 Kara&Dirk20604160044Kara&Dirk20604160035 Kara&Dirk20604160043 Kara&Dirk20604160066 Kara&Dirk20604160032Kara&Dirk20604160075 Kara&Dirk20604160064 Kara&Dirk20604160058 Kara&Dirk20604160057Kara&Dirk20604160060 Kara&Dirk20604160072 Kara&Dirk20604160085Kara&Dirk20604160087 Kara&Dirk20604160093Kara&Dirk20604160113 Kara&Dirk20604160099 Kara&Dirk20604160107Kara&Dirk20604160110 Kara&Dirk20604160106 Kara&Dirk20604160114 Kara&Dirk20604160116