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        Shadow Box, an installation by Agata Kurzela studio in collaboration with Milad Marble Dubai for Dubai Design Week 2020, encourages designers and clients to rediscover stone as a dynamic material.

        Through showing the wealth of surfaces that can be created based on different cuts beyond the very few types of stone that are used commonly in projects. The idea was to treat different marble textures to hatch patterns, such as scribbles, dots, splashes, and brushstrokes — and to apply them in surprising ways, showcasing the potential of this material.

        The assembly used a combination of new and recycled marble slabs. Elements of the sculpture will be reused as wall cladding and tabletops following the exhibition. The lighting for the installation was supplied by No Grey Area.

        Agata founded her own practice in 2020, focusing on a creative approach that combines the latest innovation with traditional craftsmanship. She draws on local heritage and her interest in materials as she pursues a unique way of design that is thoroughly contemporary yet profoundly inspired by its cultural and artistic context.

        A multidisciplinary perspective and the use of emerging technologies and computational design are hallmarks of Agata’s creative process. Over 15 years, she has established a proven track record of delivering challenging and complex projects for which she won numerous accolades and awards.