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        “We believe in celebrating special moments, whether they’re big or small, with you and your loved ones.”

        A note from Maggie Wu.

        Maggie Wu studio encourages women to treasure the small and big moments of their lives. It also encourages incorporating tradition in new way, doing things with a more modern approach – or at least doing it differently in a way that is special and meaningful for you. Same as Maggie Wu studio does.

        Celebration and wonder are at the heart of everything we do. We create original treasures to be collected, adorned and cherished. Our pieces are designed to be worn at your most intimate gatherings and extravagant affairs. Your moments are our moments and we are here to celebrate with you.”

        “Maggie grew up in Taiwan and Vancouver before moving to Los Angeles and later to New York. She was behind the scenes at Prada and Carolina Herrera before launching her namesake design studio in 2017. A honeymoon and a whirlwind move across the globe later, Maggie has transformed the studio into a lifestyle brand that embraces the celebration of life’s big and small moments. Maggie is currently based in Hong Kong and travels around the globe to source inspiration for her designs.”

        Article by Culturally Yours

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