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        Dubai-based bespoke brand Custom No.9 has come up with a plan to combat waste from the production of its bespoke pieces. Such a great approach to sustainable art!

        Designers are using cut-offs to create limited edition contemporary household and home décor products with the materials.

        “At Custom No. 9, we’re extremely conscious about our wastage, always aiming to reduce, reuse and minimize,” explains founder Amy Mill. We believe that every space, wherever it is, should have a story and a personal connection with those that occupy it. Your furniture should be for life, so who are we to stop you from deciding what it looks like. 

        “We’ve been playing around with our surplus materials from custom furniture pieces for months, hand making lots of unique products, and have simply made too many to choose from! So, we decided why no make them all?

        “We have carefully selected home decor to tech products and we look forward to unveiling these each month. Each piece will vary in character and will be limited edition. Because we don’t mass produce. We customize bespoke things. Stuff with stories.”

        Every piece we create is made right here in Dubai by a team of creative craftspeople who have a strict eye for design and a passion for what they do.

        Whilst the brand’s move online marks a new chapter, there are no plans to deviate from its original mission. Discerning customers can continue to enjoy the hands-on bespoke furniture design and production service for totally unique pieces in steel, marble, wood, and glass. Whether browsing their evolving collections online, or working with the team to build a unique piece, their mission remains the same: to end mass production and revolutionize bespoke customization by offering pieces for the home that are built on craft, stories, and individuality.